WEB-ДАЙДЖЕСТ  ЖУРНАЛА "АРТ" (ЛАД) 1997-2003 Подписной индекс 78503 
АРТ (ЛАД) - первый в республике литературно-публицистический, историко-культурологический, художественный журнал Зарегистрирован в Региональном управлении Республики Коми
Комитета РФ по печати
№ ФО 149 от 29.01.1997 г.
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About heading of magazine:

The new magazine "ART" has been published in the Komi Republic (Russia) since 1997.

"ART" is the first and unique literary,historical and artistic illustrated magazine in the Komi Republic.

"ART" in the Komi language means "order" and "harmony" and is related to the finno-ugric word "arva" - "to understand", "to think of". In the European languages "ART" means art, and in Indo-Iranian languages - "space", "the universe".

ART's structure
Literature Personells
Editorial board Literary criticism
About authors Poetry
Ethno-Archive The ART-fact
Finno-Ugric Studies In Russian
The concept of magazine:

The concept of the preservation of the intellectual and cultural integrity of the Komi people is reflected in the magazine's name. The articles are published in both the Russian and Komi languages. Each issue is accompanied by a summary in English.

The magazine offers complete and objective coverage of the up-to-date state of Komi literature, and an understanding of the phenomena of cultural, scientific, religious and public life in the wider Russian and global contexts.

Thus, the magazine is designed to contribute to the process of spiritual creation by our compatriots and contemporaries, and to promote mutual understanding, peace and consent.

The magazine is designed for scientists, writers, teachers, cultural figures, students of humanitarian faculties, and also those, who are interested in issues of literary, historical, cultural, social and political processes.

"ART" invites cooperation from Russian and foreign colleagues!

The magazine is published four times a year. Each volume - 192 pages.

The subscription index is: 78503

Cultural actions:

The editorial staff of the magazine is interested in live dialogue with its readers. They will organize and carry out art and applied art exhibitions, meetings with poets and writers, and concerts. The editorial staff is looking for opportunities for cultural exchanges.

The publication is able to organize short-term travels for visitors to the Republic, with the purpose of familiarizing them with nature, traditions, life-style and the modern culture of Komi.

The address is:

167982,Russia, Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar,
K. Marksa st., 229
Print House
Tel. (8212) 285 261
Fax: (8212) 285 370
E-mail: artkomi@rol.ru, ethno.hist@mail.komisc.ru

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